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Contactless payments – fast and secure with your Virtual Equity Global Bank debit and credit card

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Possible with the contactless payment function of your credit card or debit card from Virtual Equity Global Bank.

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Use fast contactless payment at all terminals with the contactless symbol (wave).


Activation takes place automatically the first time you use your card by inserting it into the terminal as usual and confirming the transaction with your PIN.

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Contactless payment is a free function of your card - try it out!

Are contactless payments safe?

Security is always our top priority, so the contactless function is protected by the latest technical security standards. In addition, if you handle the card with care, you are released from liability in the event of an unauthorized payment. We have summarized the most important points on the subject of security here:

  • Using contactless payment is just as secure as paying by inserting the card.
  • Data that can be used for a payment or the cardholder's personal data cannot be accessed due to encrypted representation
  • For amounts of €50.00 or more, the PIN must always be entered to confirm the payment. The card must be held at a short distance of max. 4 cm from the payment terminal in order to be able to establish a connection
  • A contactless payment only works in the following case: The payment terminal has to start a payment process that is only active for a short moment. It is therefore not permanently ready to receive payments. Thus, no accidental payments "on the fly" are possible
  • The terminal automatically blocks when there are multiple cards in the reception area. This means that multiple payments or double payments with different cards are not possible
  • Even with contactless payments, you are not liable in the event of damage. This applies to careful handling of the card and PIN as well as proper and immediate reporting.