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Savings Account:

Current Account:

Fixed Deposit Account:

If you are looking for a safe investment with guaranteed returns, then a fixed deposit may be a good option for you. A fixed deposit promises guaranteed returns and carries minimal to no risk to the investor

• Minimum initial deposit of Ten Thousand Euros to setup the account (€10,000.00).
• Zero-Risk Saving + Investment Plan.
• Free from market volatility
• Easy Liquidity.
• Better Interest Rate than Savings Account. ...
• Build Relationship with your Bank. ...
• Tax-saving Option. ...

Premium Account:

In exchange for a monthly fee, packaged and premium bank accounts offer benefits such as travel insurance, breakdown cover and retail discounts – on top of day-to-day banking services. These accounts often come with rigorous eligibility criteria, and might not be the best fit for everyone. Premium or packaged bank accounts come with a monthly fee and in return, offer various different perks and benefits to the account holders.

• Minimum initial deposit of Ten Thousand Euros to setup the account (€10,000.00)
• Transfer money to and fro from your bank account anytime, anywhere, no limits
• Provides insurance or cash back in exchange for a monthly charge.
• Higher limits on deposits and transfers. You might also have higher limits on daily purchases and ATM withdrawals.
• Discounted loan rates: Personal loans, home loans and lines of credit could come at a better rate than you'd get with a basic account.
• ATM cards can be used anywhere in the world.
• The Card center comes with phone customer service.
• Bill payment and wire transfers can be done online in all currencies to all countries.
• 24/7 excellent online real-time banking account.
• National Privacy and Security

Diamond Checking Account:

Offshore Checking Account: